Project Details

Project Date : May 2009 at Pratt Institute
Advisor: Peter Mackey
Exhibition: Siggraph 2009 Space-Time Student Gallery
Tools : Flash CS4, AS3.0, CCV(Community Core Vision), TUIO Communication. IR Camera, Mylar Screen, IR Light, Projector


‘Aurelia’ which is also known as moon jelly, provides a submersed environment to depict the transformative beauty of life, both physically and spiritually. Endlessly going through several stages of transformation and rebirth, Aurelia enables people to enter a new imaginative space and time created by their minds. The installation has 5 soft objects on top of the multi touch screen and a corresponding screen projection of an organic creature. People can reposition or join the objects together to give birth to the organic on the screen. It expands and respites, joining and parting with others nerves. This experimental project provides an organic and soft interface to enable people to actively control and reveal the state changes of life and spirit, which had been concealed under the surface and passively followed by space and time.

Every living creature endlessly transforms to prove its existence and they join and propagate in expansion of life. There is no stillness until the end of death. Humans, as a part of the nature, spiritually and physically grow and transform. I believe it is a way to adapt into the environment and evolve towards eternal life. Aurelia is an interactive installation on progress, to visualize and reveal the beauty of transformation. The screen projection corresponding to the physical installation immerses people into the new fantasy of space and time, which is created by their imaginative minds. Inside of this new space and time, there is no clear distinction between the body, the spirit, the environment and the self. Our body, or spirit can be eliminated and compressed as a small figure inside the imaginative space and time of mind. I would depict this as a religious statement, “I am the world, as well as I am the life”. The screen projection of the submersed environment, represents the very beginning of life, and provides the metaphor of Freud’s psychology of the underneath. The act of transformation, which had been concealed under the surface and passively followed by space and time, should be actively controlled and reveal the changes of life and spirit.

Technical Statement
Aurelia is a physical interactive installation, with 5 soft objects on top of the touch screen and a corresponding image projected on top of it. The white objects on top of the screen will reflect the infrared light, and be detected by the infrared camera, which is mounted underneath the table. Diffused illumination lighting and blob detection are the key techniques to enable the multi touch screen. I used “tbeta”, to take the video input and send the TUIO data of the multi touched tracking to Flash via Open Sound Control. I limited the program to only detect 5 objects. With the tracked center coordinates of the objects, I used Action Script 3 to render the corresponding imagery and effects and calls up several different movie clips and sounds to appear and disappear.