Project Details

Project Date : 2015 Spring
Class:Conversational Media at Georgia Tech

Role : User Persona,Visual Design Collaborators: Meghna Mehta
Advisor: Nassim Jafarinaimi

Tools : Adobe Illustrator

Redesining the Delta Ticket

In this project we redesign the visual graphics of Delta flight ticket to improve the experience of the passengers and the airport staff. Through developing the user's persona and use cases, we identified our design goals as to provide:

1) Clear hierarchy and structure of information
2) Friendliness and guidance for traveling
3) Usability in terms of its materiality.

We provide information in an order that follows the flow of travel. We use vertical orientation to make the flow and order of information clearer to follow. We also Highlight the important information. We have used icons to communicate information to people without having to read. They have been designed keeping in mind people who might not be too familiar with airports. We divided the sections that are viewed by staffs, security personnels, and the passengers. Also, these considers the form and materiality of being used with a passport.