"Expressively" (Live motion and music) is series of experiments for using computer as an expressive tool. The computer interfaces are getting developed more and more to assist our needs, but it is still not efficient or comfortable to use computer as an expressive tool for artists. I define this problem for three reasons. First, the input devices are not direct and intuitive enough to handle the dynamic real world data and our personal emotions. Second, the output device won't give enough feedback and sinergy effect to burst creativity. Lastly, the computer needs to be able to amplify the artist't intention rather than the data itself and somehow add a flow of randomness and energy to give a lifelike quality. Following are series my experiments and insights on solving these problems. This project is on development and it would be crucial to find the real needs of application.

Project Details

Project Date : May 2009
Class: Interactive Performance

Professor: Liubo Borrisov
Tools : MAX MSP


Dance, audio, and a digital painting combined to serven as an expressive and improvisational tool. Inspired by Wassily_Kandinsky

Project Details

Project Date : Dec 2008
Class: Intro to Programming

Professor: Liubo Borrisov
Tools : Processing, Illustrator
Exhibition : Siggraph, Space-Time Student Exhibition, Siggraph LA 2010, Selected Show for Screen Based Interaction

Types, Alive

Types, Alive is an experiment in each computer unites as an artificial gene. This project started from an imagination that each computer has its own life and will form or deform by itself.