Project Details

Video Installation
Project Date : Apr 2010 at Pratt Institute
Media: Paper, Video Projection
Tools : Maya, After Effects, Photoshop

Frozen Time

Frozen Time is a slow motion loop of video projected on crafted relief sculpture to depict my personal experience of emotional detachment and loss of true home and self.

“Frozen Time” is a video installation projecting a loop of a video on a wall with sculpture-like fixtures. Mixing up dimensions of virtual and real, 2D and 3D, I created a new space and time that exists nowhere, yet everywhere. Everything except me is created virtually, without so little reference to the real. The fires are burning, but there is nothing to burn. It is an endless threat and fear yet does not have any power or cause pain. The clouds move by peacefully, to indicate time lapse, but there is no other sign to mark the time in a realistic way. The music repeats like a lullaby, to nullify the overwhelming scene into a peaceful dream. The fixtures on the wall represent the Korean culture that is still in my heart and mind and they are reformed by the projection, which become slightly skewed due to the jagged surface. I am floating between the two cultures of my life.

Living in two different countries, Korea, and the United States, I get confused about my identity and my obligations. As a female in Korea, I am considered a beautiful lady if I am being naive, obedient, dependent, and pure. In order to survive in the United States a part from my family and my loved ones, I am supposed to be independent, strong and aggressive, since I have to face the offensive world alone. The American dream of a prosperous life is far away from reality, yet one virtue, freedom from all the restrictions as a female in Korea is what I have gained now. However, expectations from my parents always remain a part of me, and it still binds me to live as a Korean female. While I am connected to both nations, I do not feel as a part of either. I resonate inside a “Frozen Time,” where I search for my true home and self.