Project Details

Project Date : 2015 Spring
Project Participants: Jean Chu, Christian Locklayer, Patricia Joe
Professor: Nassim Jafarinaimi in Conversational Media class

Shared Decision Aid

Consulting in a doctor's appointment can be intimidating to patients that the they rely on doctors to make decisions. Through a 10 week project, we propose a design for a tablet application as a shared decision aid to support patient and doctor's conversation during a medical appointment to make shared decision on depression medications. This application visualizes the side effects of the medication through the form of a flower to ease the stress talking about depression and empower the patient actively participate in sharing his or her goals.

Depression medications come with different medication facts that makes it difficult to choose. Existing methods are through paper sheets that contain information, and discuss with the doctor. However, these contain too much information, and patients get overwhelmed that ends up relying on the Visualization through friendly metaphor, such as a flower transforms the stress of talking about depression into a less rigid experience.

After reviewing the video of a typical doctor's appointment for a patient with depression provided by the Mayo Clinic for the class project, our team identified the challenges and goals of the project. The goal of the application is to provide aid that help discussing medications is a process that doctors have to better understand the patient, empathizing, and giving a sense of care and emotional support to patients.

After brainstorming and researching about various ways of visualization, we decided on using a friendly metaphor, flower as a way to visualize the side effects of the medication.

Future work would be on refining the design and implementing in an interactive format, and evaluating in the case.

Resources provided by the Mayo Clinic