Project Details

Project Date : Sep 2005
Media : Pen on Paper, Digital Print

Sudden Memory

I fall on reminiscence of the past memories. I feel every single moment evaporated ephemerally into the past. “Sudden Memory” is a series of drawing and photograph as an attempt to capture and hold on to the fleeing past memories and bring it to present.

Project Details

Project Date : Sep 2010
Tools : 3D Maya


“Splash” is a virtual scene depicting the moment of transformation. “Splash” is a virtual scene depicting this moment of transformation. A jellyfish forms from a liquid drop hitting the surface of water; the moment it breaks through it becomes the metaphor for transformation. The splash created when hitting the surface of the water is ephemeral. However, my desire to capture the thrilling moment full of ungraspable and unstoppable energy flow has been successful through creating a 3D model. The gravity system is upside-down, as to mean that it is a non-physical representation.

Project Details

Project Date : 2006-2007
Tools : Black and white photograph, Photoshop / Illustrator


Photograph is a reflection of unarticulated ideas and memories. When taking photographs, it not only captures the scenery but also the ideas and thoughts by the artist. Through this project, I developed and printed black and white photograph that I took in a traditional way, scanned them, and layered with texts in photoshop.