Project Details

Project Date : May 2011 at Pratt Institute
Advisor: Peter Mackey, Liubo Borrisov
Exhibition: MFA Thesis Exhibition, Pratt Institute Digital Arts Gallery, April 4~April 8th , 2011.
Tools : Arduino, Cinder, Projector, Arduiono Board, Wind Sensor

Where the Wind blows

“Where the Wind Blows” is an interactive installation, depicting a digital creation myth. The visitor breathes into micro scenes of fluid, particle, and branch. This initiates birth and growth of the macro virtual environment. Programmed algorithms are brought into action when human breath blows life into them. This digital world is dependent on the real world: ephemeral and unstable. As a result, the scene of a computer-generated, virtually-existing landscape becomes an image happening in real time. Responding to people’s breath, this digital image and the natural object are reborn as a hybrid organism. This project is an experiment to invite the visitors to actively be part of the connection between virtual and real, algorithm and randomness, the environment and the life within.